Consumer panels

Always wanted to participate in a consumer panel and give your opinion on products, commercials and services? Now you can! Read more or .

What is a consumer panel?

A consumer panel is a group of people (consumers) that are being asked for their opinion about certain products and services. By monitoring panel members’ reaction to different products, services, commercials and package designs it is determined if a new product will be a success. By carefully listing to the panel members products or package designs might be altered before introducing them to the general public.

What do I have to do in a panel?

Just be yourself and give your honest opinion, it’s that easy. When you receive an invitation to participate in a consumer panel you already fit the criteria such as age, gender and lifestyle. Sometimes a consumer panel just answers a survey about a product, in other cases you can be asked to participate with your webcam enabled so your reaction can be measured.

How do I participate in a consumer panel?

You can participate in a consumer panel by signing up for Quaestion today. You’ll regularly receive invitations from us to give your opinion on new package designs, products, services, commercials, travel destinations and much more!