Online Questionnaire

Participating in paid online questionnaires is fun and easy with Quaestion. Choose how many invites for surveys you want to receive and start earning money today!

Well-paid online questionnaires

At Quaestion, you don’t only get paid the most for your time, you also get to participate in truly interesting questionnaires. Top global brands want to hear your honest opinion about their new products and advertising. Some examples of the sort of questionnaires you can expect when signing up with Quaestion:

  • Online questionnaire on travel destinations
  • Survey on a new beer brand
  • Your opinion on a new online videogame

Get paid in cash

We do not work with reward points, discounts or special offers. With Quaestion, you just get paid cash for your participation so you can decide for yourself what to do with your earnings. Cash your balance as soon as it hits £10. We’ll let you know exactly how much time you’ll spend filling in a survey and how much you’ll earn, anywhere from £0,50 to £5 per survey.

Get paid with PayPal™

With Quaestion, you decide when you withdraw your money. Easily cash your balance to the PayPal™ account of your choosing as soon as you collect 10 pounds.